Piranha Bar bring stadium to life for football legend Pelé and Snickers

Piranha bar made the stadium move in the style of Paul Trevillion to promote Snicker’s ‘Play Like Pelé’ campaign.

To mark the launch of Snickers‘Play Like Pelé’ campaign, the confectioner has enlisted the help of creative agency Irish International, and hybrid production company Piranha Bar to bring a football stadium to life in an animated tribute to the greatest footballer of all time.

As Pelé walks out on to the pitch, the seemingly empty stadium goes wild. Decked out in Snickers branding, the 20,000 stadium seats transform into a flipbook designed by famous sports illustrator Paul Trevillion, who masterminds the flowing illustrations from his seat in the stands. Vibrant drawings of the young Pelé are revealed across the stadium whilst the real Pelé watches in admiration from the pitch.

Shot and animated by Piranha Bar, the entire stadium was rendered in CG and animated to allow for the designs. The stadium used for the shoot had entirely blue seats which were all changed to reflect the iconic Snickers branding colours – brown, white, red and blue.

Director Gavin Kelly commented: “The new Snickers spot is a spectacular salute to soccer’s most iconic player. Painting and flipping every seat in a custom built digital stadium was a challenge offset by the brilliant experience of filming Pelé in London.”