SPAIN – A temporary tattoo studio in Callao for the return of Prison Break

To promote the return of the series on tv and to remind its audience of the tattooed escape plan that covered the body of Michael Scofield, the protagonist of Prison Break, Fox opened a tattoo studio in the square of Callao, offering free temporary tattoos to passers-by and fans of the show.

With the help of FullSIX agency and Mindshare, Fox set up for two days a tattoo studio inspired by Prison Break in the square of Callao, where pedestrians could come out of with a part of skin marked with a design linked to the series.

Tattoos of famous artists and sport personalities such as singer Marc Anthony or footballer Sergio Ramos, recalling in some way the tv series, were used for the action, together with other 26 designs inspired by the return of Prison Break.

However, unlike those on the body of main character of the series, the tattoos offered at the studio were done with a special non-permanent ink that disappears without leaving any mark and, with the claim “leave space on your skin for new stories” (and new chapters of the series), they only stayed on the skin of the participants for a few weeks.