SPAIN – BeefeaterXO sensory experience turns into a roadshow thanks to virtual reality

First it was a sensory experience that transformed the Gaviria Palace in some sort of Ulysses journey through the creative universe of London, Bangkok, Bombay and Venice by Dabiz Muñoz. Now the idea is declined in a virtual experience with a roadshow format at shopping centers to bring closer the audience and Beefeater.

The virtual reality experience was developed and designed by Globalzepp and Impactmedia. In the production part, Sanca has been in charge of creating this experiential space that runs through several shopping centers in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The journey starts in a futuristic space set with designer armchairs to generate a comfortable and immersive experience during a virtual reality trip with the chef, who invites participants to visit London, Bangkok, Bombay and Venice.

In addition to the virtual trip, to conceptualize the liquid gastronomy that the chef has created for Beefeater, in the BeefeaterXO space the public can live a second experience: thanks to a body and gestural recognition application with kinect technology, they have the chance to take a selfie with different backgrounds and share it on their social networks.