2 nd Cultural Event

Décrocher La Lune Vi

Client company:
Asbl Décrocher La Lune
Organising company:
Luc Petit Creation

The Event

“Décrocher la lune VI” has succeed his gamble: making a show with people for people and helping them to have a better image of their own city.

This 90minute’s show takes place in the center town of La louvière. Two main squares and a boulevard become stages and all citizens comes to assist to this free show. This year, the show was concentrated on Happiness: “The sun has a date with the moon”. Together with Sancho, a clown brings the live-saving laughs. He has to go unhooking the moon to bring the sun back to the city. During three years, a great social work has been made with the associative life around the sentence: “ I will..” And this edition was also taking care of the european feeling with a straight collaboration of seven foreign cities who has made giant puppets for acting in the show. All those citizen has been coached and help in their tasks by professional artists. Mixing professionals and citizens gives birth to strong links between people and draws souvenirs. In terms of numbers, this event is particularly huge: 35000 spectators, 200 technicians, 650 volunteers, 8 workshops and a full citizen mobilizations.