Meeting Design

Covestro Innovation Celebration Emea 2017

Client company:
Covestro Ag
Organising company:
Insglück Gesellschaft Für Markeninszenierung Mbh

The Event

Covestro brought its global community together to innovate at the “Innovation Celebration EMEA” event in Cologne, which was attended by 500 guests.

The spectrum of colours in the Covestro logo represents the new corporate spirit, which fosters courage, openness and curiosity, and permits a colourful variety of expression. Based on this, we developed an integrated creative concept and visual language for the event: White Walls – Colour Your Space!

The motto thus symbolises the idea behind the format: the employees and participants in the event are themselves the co-creators. They have to – not just symbolically – fill the white wall with their ideas and make it colourful, they have to be courageous and innovative. Their instrument: colour.