Educational/Training Event

The Mystery In Atea City

Client company:
Atea Norge As
Organising company:
6.sans As

The Event

Creating internal engagement and team spirit for the 1600 Atea employees in Norway, before launching their new strategy and direction for the company.

Our goal was to create a sense of greatness for the customer and their partners. We had to think big. The venue should give the feeling of a complete takeover and the employees would, during the event, almost populate a whole City. The city would appear as a “technologic City, a city for the future”. This was the core idea behind the concept and idea of the event – the concept “Atea City”. Graphical images of a city were used and wrapped around the C in the logo. We used bright colours from the Atea palette to make it easy to read and to connect the logo to Atea by their known colours. It was important that the logo would work as well on a cell phone as on a big sign in the city. Atea´s employees should be proud of their company and it should appear attractive to their business partners.