3 rd Live Entertainment

Epicenter: Moscow

Client company:
Epic Esports Events
Organising company:
Event Cube

The Event

To organize Russia’s first International Dota2 Epicenter Championship.

• Every day the audience spends more than 10 hours watching the two teams battle each other. We wanted them to be a part of the game, not just idle bystanders. We came up with the “Be in the game” concept, which created an illusion of the full immersion in the atmosphere of Dota2 game. The contents of the virtual game were transported into reality. The foyer and stage decorations were created with the help of unique 3D Forge technology in order to fully reiterate the details of the game’s objects and characters.
• Computer graphics were used to do a video mapping of the stage and the ceiling, helping to create various visual effects in line with the actions that were taking place in the game.
• The audience wore remotely operated LED bracelets, which were used to add light and visual effects in response to the events unfolding in the game.
• The audience was completely absorbed in the game, remaining under illusion of being an actual part of the action.