Live Entertainment

Brand Show @ Audi Summit 2017

Client company:
Audi Ag
Organising company:
Creators Gmbh, Oettle Ferber Associates Gmbh, Tfn Gmbh & Co. Kg, Four To One Lighting Design Gmbh, Madhat Gmbh

The Event

The Brand Show kicked-off Audi’s new event format – Audi Summit – introducing the audience to the brand’s new strategy and radical transformation.

The Brand Show allowed for a digital adventure. The large-scale Media Wall was extended by 600 LED panels in the ceiling. Precisely choreographed, all media content interacted with 1.200 show lights.

The show immersed visitors into a monumental spectacle: 70 cars were choreographed. Stage and audience areas were fused, bringing people in the centre of action. All elements of the show were precisely choreographed and impressively media-orchestrated.

In this unique setup, the A8 reveal became the show highlight. It had to be developed from scratch including technical modifications on the Kuka robot and the new A8. Even the control software, synchronizing the robot’s movements with projections on the car body had to be newly reprogrammed. It was the most complex show ever realized.