Festival venues



 São Francisco Convent

São Francisco Convent was created as a monastic house in the 17th century to host the Franciscan community, whose primitive facilities of the 14th century were destroyed by the waters of the river Mondego.
This is the place where the troops have been quartered during the French invasions. Later it was converted into a wool factory, and finally became a dynamic, contemporary and cosmopolitan space devoted to cultural events, international conferences and conventions, seminars, other scientific and academic events and performing arts shows. Today it is recognised as an International Center for Contemporary Arts with its exhibition spaces and an Educational networking service for the community.
The refurbishment and expansion project of the Convent was signed by architect Carrilho da Graça and the Church reconversion project by architect Gonçalo Byrne: two Portuguese architects with a widely recognized international work.

On November 22 and 23, the São Francisco Convent will host the Bea World Festival. On the first day, it will welcome all delegates to attend the live presentations of the shortlisted events in front of the Jury. On the following day, it will be the hosting venue of the educational and networking programme.

Address: Av. da Guarda Inglesa 1a, 3040-193 Coimbra, Portugal. See map.