Managing Director

Maarten Schram


Maarten is managing director at the Independent Dutch Event Association (Idea), the association for the leading Dutch event and live communication agencies. Maarten is also founder and managing director at LiveCom Alliance, a Pan-European network aiming to develop our industry through the exchange of local expertise and best practices. A graduate from the InterCollege Business School in The Hague, Maarten has over 20 years experience in the event and live communication industry. Before accepting his position as managing director at Idea, Maarten Schram was a director at the well-established Dutch event agency Effectgroep. He believes in developing the industry by bringing local expertise and best practices to Pan-European level. A truly remarkable ambassador of Dutch event creativity and craftsmanship.

Maarten in a few Tweets

  • My passion in life…my family, friends, good food & wine, music (and our fascinating industry).
  • Others say about me that….I’m quite a serious guy, passionate about our industry and connecting people in a genuine way.
  • My biggest challenge is…do everything I want to do, learn and achieve and enjoy this – sometimes bumpy – road at the same time.
  • An event deserves a best of the world award, if….this is the event with the message we should send out to the world about our industry.
  • Creativity in events means…it could be big or it could be small, however it should be surprising, teasing, activating, and it has to be authentic and real, appropriate and contributing to the targets and fitting the audience.
  • Effectiveness in events means…that an event is contributing to achieve goals set within their target audience, more simple: when it truly moves people and set them into change or action or believe/feel.
  • My advice to the nominees…prepare a stunning live presentation, add something surprising and enhancing ingredients to underline your winning case 😉
  • I am back as a Juror of Bea World because….it’s a truly unique experience to meet peers and be able to evaluate the best work in our industry.
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