BEA WORLD JURY VICE PRESIDENT - Experiential Marketing Senior Manager, Western Europe

Rocío Almodovar Boal


On completing her studies in adv and pr (Complutense University of Madrid), Rocío began her professional career working at Sexto Sentido Comunicación, handling events, press releases and pr activities. In 2001 she moved to an international communications agency, Comunica+A, as account manager for Coca-Cola Iberia, leading promotional, experiential and other Btl activities. She also helped in the opening of Comunica+A Brazil headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, also delivering account services for Telecom Italia Mobile as it entered the Brazilian market. On her return to Spain, Rocío joined The Coca-Cola Company, and has covered different roles within the Iberian division in the past 12 years. From public affairs and social corporate responsibility – a Master’s degree on this discipline, to assets management and events, collaborating with the digital communications strategy in mobile Apps, Crm and social media channels, or her final position as creative and content excellence manager producing some of the most relevant campaigns in Spain and Portugal in recent years. Her last move was in 2015, when she accepted the role of experiential marketing senior manager for Western Europe, under the media and connections direction, leading consumer experiences strategies across 14 markets.

Rocío in a few Tweets

  • My passion in life…my family.
  • Others say about me that….I am freaky.
  • My biggest challenge is…be happy every day.
  • An event deserves a best of the world award, if…. it gave people goosebumps, made the real difference.
  • Creativity in events means… something eyecatcher, unforgettable.
  • Effectiveness in events means… possibility to convert into sales.
  • My advice to the nominees… enjoy the moment of being in BeaWorld; enjoy Port wine.
  • I am back as a Juror of Bea World because…. I cannot wait to see Bea World 2017 live!
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