UK – Noonah brings 7upFree photo experience to Canary Wharf

The brand commissioned Noonah to install a special Magic Mirror booth at the Lumino City Ice Rink in Canary Wharf: an exciting and engaging activation to add to the skater’s rink experience.

The Magic Mirror technology is concealed behind the mirror glass of the photo-booth. The customisable camera takes full length photographs of the guests which can be both instantly printed and easily emailed to keep as a digital souvenir.

Noonah, the only providers of Mirror Me software in the UK, customised the installation to include a multi-present option, allowing guests to choose “Skating Duo”, “Worryingly Wobbly” or “Pro” to add a touch of personalisation to the experience.

The Magic Mirror was placed in the foyer area of Lumino City Ice Rink in Canary Wharf, which, this year, has returned bigger and brighter, with more than 8km of LED lights laid beneath the ice to create a truly immersive skating experience.