MPI Spain Chapter / The Creative Dots
President / Founder

Angeles Moreno

Event Professionals of the Future: who are you?

November 17 — h. 11:15 - 11:45


We are nowadays fully immersed in the analysis and discussion about the different generations of professionals we have in our actual teams and the ingredients we need to ‘cook’ our future teams with. We need to match the next generations of talent with our company needs and future plans of evolution. Which skills are needed, above and beyond current competencies, to cope with the trends in events and live communications? Do managers have to re-think their resources? And what about employee plans? Is what you attain from university or your internship what future employers need when selecting your talent? What about entrepreneurship? Are you ready to think about setting up your own business? Will you need to be a data analyst, a technician, a technologist, a meeting designer or a social media specialist? During our session we will try to construe the topics mentioned above.


After leaving her past company with 16 years of successful results, Ángeles started her fourth entrepreneurial project in February 2017 with The Creative Dots: a dream come true, which specialises in analysing and evaluating procedures & methods within meetings & events departments, professionals or companies and designing the strategic educational needs in a way to achieve better results in client satisfaction and in the design of event experiences. The company’s methodology is based on excellence and customer centric design and its being nowadays trained and applied in several top innovative M&E companies in Spain. A regular speaker at industry and non-industry events, she has also lectured at universities, helping students prepare for their future professional careers. Innovation & Entrepreneurship are her main specialities. What has set her apart has been her focus on business values and, in recent years, an immersion in customer experience and event design and how these two concepts can lead to extraordinary events, focusing on changing attendee behaviour. To further these ends, she earned her Certified Event Designer (Ced) designation at the Event Model Generation, Mpi and the University of Amsterdam. She also mentors entrepreneurial business projects in their early stages, or when they require growing or expanding internationally. She has collaborated with the Impact Hub in Madrid featuring inroads into sustainable tourism. At present, Ángeles also volunteers as president of the Spanish community for the Mpi association.

Angeles in a few Tweets

  • My passion in life… Is to evolve, I am scared about routine and to spend my entire life with not inspiring roles or people.
  • Others say about me that… I am an innovative creative mind, with an inexhaustible energy that helps me to achieve whatever mission I have decided to accomplish.
  • My biggest challenge is… Find the right balance between personal & professional life.
  • An event deserves a best of the world award, if…. is perfectly designed and adds value by changing the behaviour of the participants.
  • Creativity in events means… it has different meanings for different people but it is not always needed and many times misunderstood.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because… it´s the right momentum to share and get inspiration.
  • In my session you will learn… about career development, entrepreneurship and new generations.
  • My best advice to event planners… we have the responsibility to raise the level of recognition of our profession and industry. Big responsibility!
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