Debut Group
President, Chief Creative Officer and Event Hacker

Ben Moorsom

Neuroscaping: where brain sciences meet event design

November 17 — h. 11:50 - 12:20


How can the latest research from brain science be used to increase engagement, connection and retention at events? Neuroscaping™ is the art of applying neuromarketing techniques to event design – combining science with insight to reimagine how live experiences are produced. Harnessing untapped human potential. What will you know afterwards? What neuroscaping is and how it can be leveraged to take any live event to new levels with simple tactics; how engaging all senses through experiential sound, visual and olfactory scent design can evoke unprecedented engagement; the science behind storytelling and why it is essential to move hearts and minds.



Ben Moorsom is president and chief creative officer of Debut Group, an internal marketing agency that inspires and moves people toward action. Ben is known for his strategically disruptive ideas, coupled with the technical expertise to make them happen, usually first. Following the guiding principle of Brave Ideas, he will always push the obvious aside in search of something fresher, bolder, and more meaningful. Ben knows that the best way to inspire people to act is to engage with them emotionally. That’s why he works tirelessly at the helm of Debut to help clients reach their audience in a more genuine and meaningful way. He is committed to authenticity, in the work he produces and the way he leads his team. Ben’s passion is tangible and real. When Ben founded Debut Group in 1997, his goal was to provide an alternative to those seeking a fresh, authentic communications experience. Today he’s revolutionising the way large and small companies communicate, leveraging findings from research in the fields of neuroscience and human psychology to curate experiences that leave a mark. A corporate events and communication thought leader, Ben is often called upon to speak at conferences and deliver keynotes. He contributes to trade magazines and has held positions on the Speaking Advisory Committee of Humber College and teaching courses in hospitality/event management at Conestoga and Humber Colleges. Ben is passionate about sharing his vision for a new era of events and corporate communications.

Ben in few Tweets

  • My passion in life is… seeking inspiration from the most unusual places.
  • Others say about me that… I am always plotting something in my mind.
  • My biggest challenge is… finding co-conspirators.
  • An event deserves a best of the world award, if… it truthfully leads to movement.
  • Creativity in events means… not just being creative for the sake of being creative.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because… I’m looking for co-conspirators.
  • In my session you will learn… how to hack the mind and the moment to make the greatest impact.
  • My best advice to event planners is… to be brave!
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