Event Roi Institute
Managing Partner

Elling Hamso

Experiential Lab #1. Meeting Design and ROI. Strategic events reinvented

November 17 — h. 14:30 - 16:30

“Cancel all events”, “Clients seldom have a clue about meeting processes”, “Stop wasting money on WOW”.  Just a few statements from the two passionate meeting professionals who will conduct this session.
Good events deliver measurable bottom line value, but what justifies spending a lot of money on them? Plainly, it’s because they are ‘strategic’, like almost everything else these days, a word often used as a budget multiplier without any real meaning. A Strategic Context Analysis for your event will give the word ‘strategic’, as well as your event, a whole new connotation.

You will understand what is needed to design and execute a strategic meeting. Terrain, Integration, Readiness and Leadership. And by the way, this workshop is highly strategical…!


Elling is managing partner of Event Roi Institute, a leading expert on how to measure results from meetings and events and spends most of his time as a trainer and consultant to event agencies and corporate event planners across Europe. He is currently a member of the jury of the Best Event Awards (Bea World), Middle East Awards and a number of national best event award programmes. Conference & Incentive Travel magazine ranked him 5th on their list of the 50 most influential people in the UK meetings and events industry and Eventbranche magazine named him third among the 30 most influential professionals in the meetings and events industry in the Netherlands. He consults and speaks on subjects such as Roi, events industry trends and meeting design.  Elling is a Management Sciences graduate and holds a Ph.D. in procurement strategy from Manchester University.

Elling in few Tweets:

  • My passion in life is… happiness.
  • Others say about me that… I should stop making things difficult and rather go for an easy life.
  • My biggest challenge is… me.
  • An event deserves a best of the world award, if… it has a documented business impact.
  • Creativity in events means… designing participant experiences which meet detailed and measurable objectives.
  • Effectiveness in events means… getting the result at the lowest possible cost.
  • My advice to the nominees is… to focus on the objectives and how you measured them.
  • I am back as a Juror of Bea World because it is the only place to keep abreast of where the industry is going and to meet the large family of friends.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because… I have a passion for measuring the business value of events and this is an opportunity to spread the gospel.
  • In my session you will learn… what it really means to make an event ‘strategic’.
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