Meeting Designer and Managing Partner

Eric De Groot

Experiential Lab #1. Meeting Design and ROI. Strategic events reinvented

November 17 — h. 14:30 - 16:30

“Cancel all events”, “Clients seldom have a clue about meeting processes”, “Stop wasting money on WOW”.  Just a few statements from the two passionate meeting professionals who will conduct this session.
Good events deliver measurable bottom line value, but what justifies spending a lot of money on them? Plainly, it’s because they are ‘strategic’, like almost everything else these days, a word often used as a budget multiplier without any real meaning. A Strategic Context Analysis for your event will give the word ‘strategic’, as well as your event, a whole new connotation.

You will understand what is needed to design and execute a strategic meeting. Terrain, Integration, Readiness and Leadership. And by the way, this workshop is highly strategical…!


Eric de Groot is one of the very first meeting designers. His pioneering work started in 1992; he now caters to the national Dutch market in De Wet van Thomas and internationally in MindMeeting. Thanks to his background in drama-education he takes a broad, human as well as an educational perspective to meetings and meeting processes. Eric regularly conducts workshops and learning sessions for professionals in the meeting industry, as well as in other educational contexts. Into the Heart of Meetings (the bible of Meeting Design as readers say), the book he wrote on the subject of Meeting Design with his co-writer and business partner Mike van der Vijver, was released in early 2013. Eric developed many effective formats, like The Synthesis Debate, Experience Carousels and the Powerstand. He won a number of awards, such as Best Session Award at Fresh 13 in Copenhagen, Golden Giraffe for Best Business Event 1999 in the Netherlands and Best Conference 2015 at Eventex in Bulgaria. Eric lives on a yacht in the north of the Netherlands.

Eric in few Tweets

  • My passion in life is… sailing
  • Others say about me… I am a disruptive designer
  • My biggest challenge is… getting older
  • An event deserves… a best of the world award, if it lifts the world up
  • Creativity in events means… nothing, it is a professional pre-condition.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because… in a couple of years it will be too late.
  • In my session you will learn… what you already knew but never realised you knew it.
  • My best advice to event planners is… to think in programs dynamics, not bullets.
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