The Unthinkable
Founder & Creative Director

Timo Kiuru

Everything you know about events is wrong: a complete guide to the next level of experience marketing

November 17 — h. 14:30 - 16:30

The session starts with an interactive key note presentation that opens a window to the future of experience marketing. Next, a theoretical framework that will help the participants to take their work to the next level, will be introduced. Finally, all the participants will dive into practical case studies of world-class campaigns.

It’s an interactive, thought-provoking, and eye-opening workshop tailored specifically for eventprofs. What you will know afterwards? As a result of attending the session the participants will have better understanding on what are the key drivers of change in our industry in the future. Additionally the participants will gain insights on experience marketing theory. After the session the participants will be able to benchmark their work against the leading players of the industry, they will shift their thinking from events to experience campaigns, set goals for the next 12 months and quantify many things they considered abstract before.



Timo Kiuru is an award-winning creative director, a speaker, and a writer. Timo is also an author of a book on experience marketing. On his freetime Timo photographs, dances, and collects sneakers. With over 10 years’ experience in the entertainment and experience marketing industry, Timo now leads fully integrated projects as a creative director for cutting-edge, international brands; creating business-driven, strategic & truly creative campaigns.

Timo’s work transcends the borders of art, entertainment, fashion, politics, and business. Timo has worked with the world’s leading brands like Samsung, Nokia, McLaren, Microsoft, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Highsnobiety, and SK-II. Kiuru was recognized with a global 40 under 40 – industry award in 2016.

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Timo in few Tweets

  • My passion in life is… to stay curious, learn new things, inspire, and get inspired.
  • Others say about me that it’s not always easy to work with me but they still love me.
  • My biggest challenge is… to pretend or lie. Too many brands lie all the time.
  • An event deserves… a best of the world award, if it’s the best marketing communications campaign that year.
  • Creativity at events means… the ability to see, and the will to do, things in a better way.
  • I share my knowledge at Bea World because… it’s the biggest and baddest conference for #eventprofs in Europe.
  • In my session you will learn… why you shouldn’t think outside the box.
  • My best advice to event planners is… that they should give their clients less of what the clients want, and more of what the clients need.
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