The Awards


Bea World is an initiative that recognises and promotes excellence in events and live communication across the whole world.

The experience and prestige gained over the past 11 years by EuBea – the European Best Event Awards – decreed that time was right to take a decisive step and ensure that Bea World took the place of EuBea. Bea World will therefore follow the same mission of EuBea: to advance the importance of events in the marketing plans of large and smaller corporations and to foster the event industry worldwide.

Thus, starting from this year, agencies and corporations from all over the globe will contend for the renowned golden elephant trophies in a new competition that promises to be the most challenging of all time!

Bea World is open to companies from the event industry based anywhere across the world, including event agencies, public relations, communications, promotions, advertising and web agencies, corporations, public bodies, associations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, locations, etc.


Since 2006, the Best Event Awards have helped participating agencies from 29 countries in finding inspiration and new ideas for their events, and are now acknowledged as the main international industry recognition. As in previous years, shortlisted agencies will have the opportunity to present their projects live to the Jury and Bea World Festival delegates.

The Jury Panel, composed by representatives of top corporate companies with international responsibility and by members of national event associations, will grant all winners an indisputable international quality acknowledgement. And quality at Bea World means creativity, innovation, effectiveness, technique, strategic communication: a series of key features that, combined with all other “ingredients”, make an event a rewarding live communication experience for the audience. Big and small events have the same chances to win, regardless of their budget, being creativity and innovation the main criteria for evaluation.

Winners will be welcomed to the Elephant constellation, a metaphor for wisdomstrength, and longevity, as each event worthy of such a name must be. It should communicate the ​​most appropriate values, imprint with force in the minds of the participants, and live in their memory as long as possible. For this reason, the elephant is the symbol of Bea World. If we add the fact that it is notoriously one of the most famous lucky charms, winning the golden statuette becomes the ambition of every professional from the events industry.

Participating at Bea World 2017 offers events companies the opportunity to:

  • Present their best projects live, if shortlisted, to the Jury at Bea World Festival.
  • Win one of the awards and receive, in return, qualified visibility and press return at an international level, and an awareness and business advantage on their competitors.
  • Have their events featured on Bea World website and directory.
  • Learn from the best practices and from different cultural and creative approaches.