1 st Low Budget Event

The 10 Millionth Visitor Of The Rijksmuseum

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The Event

A prominent and distinctive way to celebrate the fact that the Rijksmuseum will be welcoming its 10 millionth visitor since its reopening.

Only one thing was really important: the surprise had to be real! The once in a lifetime opportunity had to radiate the Rijksmuseum’s exclusive image as “the surprising place to be”. No one had ever spent the night sleeping and keeping watch in front of Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”. Sometimes a carefully devised creative idea, precisely directed in advance, completely gives way to coincidence. This turned out to be the case with our “ideal” candidate, whose relevant background and professed love of the arts made him the perfect visitor. It turned out that the man was a huge fan of Rembrandt, and who as a teacher enjoyed sharing his love of art with his students.

A camera crew flawlessly recorded everything and this footage was used to create an edit that was touching and intriguing.