BEST B2C EVENT (< €500,000)

Vm I DØds – World Championship In “death Dive” (belly Flop Jumping).

Client company:
6.sans As
Organising company:
6.sans As

The Event

The World Championship in “Death dive” is a family-oriented public event for showcasing the sport of Døds.
The “Death dive” can best described as a extreme form of diving. The athletes throws themselves flat out in an X formation from 10 meters height, holding the X-position or doing tricks on the way down and ultimately cut through the water surface all crunched up. The concept startet out in Norway in the 60s and 6.sans has used the last years too develope a new sport.

We have created a brand new sport. In Norwegian called “Dødsing”. It has become a very public friendly concept. The young crowd and the families love it. The event experience is a portion of diving, with a bit of Jackass, combined with a bit of deardevil contest. The sport have its own jury and a full set of rules.